Get to know TomYang BBQ

TomYang BBQ - Instruction Video 

Instructions for your first TomYang Event

  1. Cut all ingredients bite-sized, marinate and then arrange them on serving plates or in bowls.
  2. Fill the Hot Pot ring with 3/4 l water and add a dash of soy sauce and / or fish sauce and maybe also lemon juice, coconut milk, herbs etc.
  3. Turn up the TomYang BBQ to level two.
  4. Add vegetables, pasta, mushrooms, etc. to the soup.
  5. Put meat, fish and vegetables on the top of the pan and grill them.
  6. Grill or cook all ingredients until they reach the desired consistency.
  7. Enjoy with some fine sauces for dipping!

TomYang BBQ - Highlights