Insight into the TomYang Cookbook

In early October 2018, the English version of the TomYang BBQ
Cookbook was published! It includes shopping advice and helpful cutting techniques. The easy-to-understand online cooking videos will help you to try new recipes!
The Cookbook offers a variety of BBQ and Hot Pot cooking instructions from Asian and European cuisines, but we have also included Mediterranean and sweet recipes are included. Benefit from numerous instructions such as for the preparation of exotic sauces and marinades. All recipes are specifically designed for cooking with the TomYang BBQ:
We try to show you how to prepare food simple, fast and delicious. That's why we have added QR-codes for cooking videos to the recipes. We provide many tips and tricks, for instance, a video showing you a special cutting technique from Thailand. Here you can find further information about the TomYang Cookbook. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy cooking and grilling with TomYang BBQ!


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