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TomYang BBQ is known as "The Original Thai Grill & Hot Pot". It is a unique concept for grilling and cooking at the same time. It is grilled, cooked and eaten together with your family and friends at the table.

Traditional table grills have a flat grill and the juices usually remain on the grill and burn. This produces unpleasant smells and possibly unhealthy substances. With the TomYang BBQ, the juice runs directly into the hot pot and is therefore not wasted. The advantageous design and ceramic non-stick coating of the grill make it possible.

The TomYang BBQ is the first electric table grill of its kind. It was developed by German engineers and awarded the highest quality seals in the European market.


TomYang is offering a comprehensive repertoire of recipes, applications and shopping tips with links to grill and cooking videos on YouTube, collected on our homepage. In combination with a subscription to the TomYang Newsletter and our Facebook page you are always up-to-date to make a successful BBQ & Hot Pot event! Chef Chris has created numerous outstanding and inspiring TomYang creations for you.

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