The TomYang BBQ Idea

The new trend from Asia - A combination of BBQ and Hot Pot!

TomYang BBQ is the new lifestyle BBQ trend for delicate, moody and healthy food. One of the special features of TomYang is that this electric table grill focuses on eating together and enjoying a healthy and varied diet.

The table grill with that certain something

What makes TomYang so special is that this grill has a soup area for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, pasta or mushrooms. This simple addition makes TomYang BBQ unique and a wonderful cooking experience.

The TomYang BBQ is fantastic for parties, cozy meals with friends, for your personal events and also for restaurants who want to offer a new way of dining. With TomYang you can have bbq the whole year  - indoor and outdoor!

Why does TomYang BBQ taste so good?

The grilling area of the TomYang BBQ is arched into the middle and that's why the gravy and all grilling aromas flow directly into the soup. The brothwill have a rich full-bodied flavour and also vitamins and nutrients accumulate into the soup area. The soup area is not as hot as the griling area and that entails that the vitamins are not being "ruined" by cooking too hot. The Hot Pot soup should be nutritious and tasty!

TomYang - More than just BBQ

You can also prepare a punch, a super-delicious chocolate fondue and other desserts with the TomYang BBQ. You can find a lot of recipes in the TomYang Cookbook.