Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy TomYang BBQ?

The TomYang brand products are available on our online shop, on amazon and in cooking schools.

Why is TomYang BBQ so healthy?

That's mainly because ot the special kind of preparation. Due to the high-quality non-stick-coating, you can cook and grill in the same time, without adding fat. The arched grill dome ensures that all gravy flows directly into the soup. Wonderful roasting aromas will make the broth full-bodied and enriched with nutrients and fat-soluble vitamins, released while grilling fish, meat and vegetables - so it will be a real vitamin bomb!

Where is the TomYang BBQ being produced?

Our products are being manufactured in China. We have found a partner, who fulfills our high quality standards and conditions. To us it was very important that all employees of our partner factory work under good conditions. In order to ensure this, a so-called social audit was created with our partner. 

Is the use of TomYang BBQ safe?

During the development of the grill, a big effort was taken to create a safe and high quality product. That's why the TomYang BBQ grill pan coating is being produced in Switzerland.

Is the TomYang BBQ new on the market?

Yes, the electric table grill TomYang BBQ, with it's healthy annd non-sticky swiss coating is completely new on the market.

What is the difference between TomYang BBQ and Raclette?

Beside grilling of meat, fish and vegetables, a very natural and healthy soup is being created and ingredients can be cooked in the same time. In addition to main dishes and soup, also a desserts can be prepared with the TomYang BBQ. Raclette and TomYang BBQ have in common that they are both table-top grills. That's it! Check the TomYang cooking instructions and recipes...

Do I need special kit for cooking and eating with TomYang BBQ?

In Thailand chopsticks are being used for grilling and cooking and also we supply wooden tongs out of natural bamboo as an accessory of TomYang BBQ. With a TomYang ladle you can easily get the TomYang soup out of the Hot Pot, without scratching it. These products are available in our online shop and also on amazon.

Are recipes and instructions for cooking with the TomYang BBQ available?

Recipes, cooking instructions and a shopping list for your first TomYang event are available here on our Hompage. The TomYang cookbook was released 2018! Here you can order the English version of the TomYang cookbook. On our frequently updated YouTube-Channel you can check out all TomYang videos!

Can I make desserts with my TomYang grill?

Yes, for example take a look into our YouTube recipe-video of the Fruity TomYang choco Hot Pot or the TomYang BBQ punch.

Does TomYang BBQ support vegetarian and vegan cuisine?

With the TomYang grill vegetarian and vegan food can become a real highlight because eggplant, zucchini, oyster mushrooms, tofu, barbecue cheese or vegan cheese, corn, okra and tomatoes are just a few ingredients that you can perfectly grill crispy and cook very tasty in your original Thai Grill & Hot Pot. Here you can see our latest vegan YouTube video - The Pumpkin Curry Hot Pot. A vegetarian Miso soup-recipe video with the TomYang BBQ is available here!

How do I clean the TomYang BBQ? Is it suitable for the dishwasher?

The TomYang pan is easy to remove and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Due to the non-sticking coating, cooking residues can be easily removed from the Hot Pot pan.

Is the TomYang BBQ big enough for 4 people?

The TomYang pan reaches a temperature of 220 C° and that's why the grill ist perfect for 4-6 people. Grilled ingredients will be crispy very fast and can immediately be replaced with fresh food. However if you prefer to invite more than 6 guests to your TomYang event, prepare further TomYang grills because then you can satisfy also individual eating habits of your guests.

Where can Swiss customers get the product?

For our Swiss customers, we have one sales partner who is located directly in Switzerland. More information can be found here: Sales partners Switzerland.

How is the TomYang BBQ maintained?

Please avoid using hard or sharp cutlery for the placing and removal of food. We offer bamboo tongs and a spoon out of melamine because with this kits you can avoid damage of the grill pan for a very long time.