About us

The gastronomer and hotel businessman Christian Zehetner from Linz/Austria went to Thailand in 2011 to prove his knowledge of Asian cuisine and to deepen it. He was chef of Thai Austrian restaurant in Bangkok, away from tourists in the district Sutthisan. There, he developed also a special way of cooking and eating with a BBQ Grill also called Moo kata . This popular Thai coal - table Grill, delightfully combining grilling and cooking. Wonderful roasted aromas flow from the grill area directly in the soup range of the grills and create an incomparable aroma. The combination of grilling and cooking BBQ pleasure gives a special touch.

After two eventful years Christian decided to return back home to bring this particular form of food pleasure to Europe. Out of this business idea was a completely new electric table Grill designed. Especially for European market, and the brand "TomYang" was developed as an expression for an attractive and healthy experience cuisine.

Company BBQ Empire, based in Linz/Austria, launched on August 3, 2015, with the launch of the product line TomYang - More Than Just BBQ. TomYang BBQ is the new lifestyle-BBQ trend for extremely delicate, attractive, and healthy food, perfect for celebrations, cosy dinner with friends, for events, but also for restaurants that rely on this new type of dining. TomYang BBQ expands the spectrum of traditional grilling of raclette and stone plate with a range of soups for the cooking of meat, fish, vegetables and pasta. And what makes TomYang BBQ unique and an extensive cooking experience.

Gerhard Roth, who runs the cooking school and event location "Supper Club Linz" and in his program TomYang BBQ cooking seminars, says: "like all guests the first TomYang cooking evenings, we also have in love with this new, healthy, easy, convivial, briefly: brilliant BBQ concept!”

TomYang BBQ is a brand with a 2-year warranty and a high-quality appearance. Anyone who has met TomYang BBQ, is convinced of the very good price / performance ratio. Recipes in the form of video instructions guarantee a successful BBQ dinner with TomYang. TomYang BBQ was designed by engineers in a two-year development period, built, and tested. TomYang is a European product with German quality certificate (GS seal). In addition to the safety and quality of TomYang also boasts an extensive customer service and offers a European / German-speaking service hotline for questions or other concerns.

The grill cooking pan of the TomYang BBQ has a healthy non-stick ceramic. It significantly helps enable a completely healthy food without the addition of fats and other flavor enhancers. "In the far South-East Asia thanks to the healthy wok food stall not so much on his line. People eat usually for several hours, without that it's just beating on the hips. Why should it not also be possible with us? The TomYang concept enables a fantastic meal, maintain clean conscience now in this country. Because food is one of the most beautiful things in life! ", says Christian Zehetner, nutrition expert and initiator of the TomYang BBQ innovation.

Learn more about TomYang BBQ please on http://shop.tomyang-bbq.com. TomYang brand products are available in the online shop, in stores and cooking seminars