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The New Barbecue Trend from Asia,

Table Grill and Hot Pot in a single Unit!

With the TomYang lifestyle grill you can grill and cook at the same time. The juices running from the grill into the soup carry valuable fat-soluble vitamins and delicious roast flavours into the soup, turning it into a tasty vitamin bomb.

What makes TomYang so special? The symbiosis of BBQ and hot pot, the patented technology, the unique taste compared to traditional BBQs, the surprise of something entirely new, the healthy form of nutrition, and the German brand-name product.

And most of all the fun and the cooking experience with family and friends.

About TomYang BBQ

A variety of ingredients are allowed to be prepared with the TomYang. Not only meat but also fish, vegetables, pasta, mushrooms, etc. can be grilled or cooked together with friends and family. I collected and created lots of great recipes for sauces and marinades. The variety of recipes ensures that every TomYang BBQ dinner is a new taste sensation. Using health-promoting spices, such as cilantro or galangal, is as characteristic of an original Asian BBQ as the variety of ingredients that are grilled and cooked.

Christian Zehetner, Initiator TomYang BBQ